Guaranteed mobile phone contracts saved my life!

We often have people emailing us about all things to do with mobile phones and the contracts associated with them. It seems more and more people are migrating to guaranteed mobile phone contracts, especially as they provide a way for those with bad credit ratings to get a handset and a contract attached to it.


We received the following story from Bob in Essex.

A couple of years ago my life took a turn for the worse. Things had been going really well up until I lost my job at a construction company. It was around 2009, just after the major global economic collapse. Times were hard, the company was struggling and decided to downsize. As part of a ‘last in, first out’ policy, I was let go. They were nice enough to give me an extra month’s wages and I was determined to find a job as soon as possible.

I searched and searched but a month passed and nothing. I had to start to dip into the little savings I had to make ends meet but here and there I missed credit card payments, a vehicle payment and stopped paying my clothing accounts. I even got a job as a waiter to try and keep up with everything but I quickly fell into a negative credit rating.

I realised that it was time for a change. A time to be my own boss and to make my own luck. With knowledge in construction, I decided I would start a little building/handyman business. Luckily, I had managed to pay my van off, so I was mobile and able to not only get around our town but transport equipment as well.

Things started off slowly, mostly with friends giving me odd jobs here and there. My mate Dave, who is a marketer, started advertising my services on the internet on sites such as Gumtree. Soon my phone at home started ringing and I got a few more jobs. I also missed out on some because I wasn’t at home to answer my phone at all times.

I needed a mobile phone… and fast! That way I could be contacted anywhere and at any time. I went the traditional route but despite applying at all of the major service providers found in the United Kingdom, I just could not get a contract. This was down to the fact that my credit rating had dropped significantly as I had failed to make payments on my credit products after I had lost my job.


I was at a loss. How could I grow my business without a mobile phone and a contract? It was at that point that I started searching for another alternative. I came across something called a guaranteed mobile phone contract. After some more research, I found a provider in my town.

Now, even though I suffered from a poor credit rating, I could take out a guaranteed mobile phone contract and get a very nifty handset with it. In fact, I could now instant message, phone, text and even email from my phone. I now had a mobile office.

Soon business began to grow at a massive rate, all thanks to the fact that I was available at any time. I even had to employ a couple of extra blokes to help me keep up with the demand. By paying off my guaranteed mobile phone contract, my credit rating also improved and I am happy to say I can now afford loans to grow my business. In fact, I am getting a second team with a van next week.

Without a guaranteed mobile phone contract, this certainly would not have been possible!